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Brother strongly recommends that you do not refill the ink cartridges provided with your machine. We also strongly recommend that you continue to use only Genuine Brother Brand replacement ink cartridges.

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To protect your investment and obtain premium performance from the Brother machine, we strongly recommend the use of genuine Brother supplies. The colour ink cartridges run out of ink even though you never or rarely print in colour.

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Replace the Ink cartridge by following the instructions below: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and may differ from your Brother machine.

If you replaced an ink cartridge, the LCD will ask you to verify that it was a brand new one.

If the ink cartridge you installed is not a brand new one, be sure to press No or 2 or the Down Arrow key. If the LCD displays "No Cartridge" or "Cannot Detect" after you install the ink cartridges, verify the ink cartridges are installed properly. Click here to see the instructions on how to clear the message "Cannot Detect".

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Click here to see the instructions Ink and knob how to clear the message "No Cartridge" after you install the ink cartridges. If ink gets in your eyes, wash them out with water at once and call a doctor if you are concerned. DO NOT take out ink cartridges if you do not need to replace them. If you do so, it may reduce the ink quantity and the machine will not know the quantity of ink left in the cartridge.

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DO NOT touch the cartridge insertion slots. If you do so, the ink may stain your skin. If ink stains your skin or clothing, wash with soap or detergent at once.

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If you mix the colours by installing an ink cartridge in the wrong position, clean the print head several times after correcting the cartridge installation. Once you open an ink cartridge, install it in the machine and use it up within six months of installation.

Use unopened ink cartridges by the expiration date written on the cartridge package. DO NOT dismantle or tamper with the ink cartridge; this can cause the ink to leak out of the cartridge.

Related Ink and knob Why do the colour ink cartridges run out of ink even though I never or rarely print in colour? How do I clear the message "Cannot Detect" from the display? If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

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Have you checked the manuals? Go to the Manuals section.

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