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Late last week buzzed with the haunting details of a backpacker who lost her way and died on the Appalachian Trail in While acknowledging the tragedy of her ordeal, some people who walk in the woods shared another reaction:. News accounts have noted that hiker Geraldine Largay, whose body lay undiscovered in her I was naked in the woods near the trail only two miles off the trail in Maine for more than 26 months, lacked a good sense of direction, was prone to anxiety, and may not have even known how to use a compass.

Somehow, though, before the Tennessee woman walked off the trail and was lost, she had managed to make it nearly 1, miles — the equivalent of three complete circuits of the Superior Hiking Trail, the closest equivalent Minnesota has to the iconic footpath that runs from Georgia to Maine.

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No one is immune from trouble in the woods. Prepare for anything Feed Loader A case file released last week suggested Appalachian Trail hiker Geraldine Largay lived for nearly a month after losing her way in July Her remains were found in October Going into the woods presents a level of risk.

The Superior Trail, like the Appalachian, has attributes that belie its inherent risks. The trail is well-marked, frequently crosses roads and carries more than 20, hikers a year along its miles. But, at its heart, the Superior Trail travels through rugged wilderness.

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Besides the possibility of getting lost, injuries and medical emergencies can occur that make travel difficult if not impossible, and they can happen far from a vehicle. So on a trail such as the Superior, how do you prepare for a possible emergency, and then react if one occurs? To start, realize that problems can occur no matter whether you are a day hiker, a backpacker or a thru-hiker.

Essentials include plenty of water and gear to filter it if you need morea first-aid kit, map, compass, rain gear with extra insulated clothing during the colder monthslighter or matches, flashlight, extra food, and a pack to put it all in.