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At the Center, we explore the lives and legacies of women who have shaped and continue to shape the American experience.

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As a hub for scholarship and education, the Center demonstrates how women across the spectrum of race, class, and sexuality exercised power and effected change. Guided by a committee of distinguished historians and informed by the latest research, Adam max Center features permanent installations, temporary exhibitions, and a vibrant array of talks and programs, enriching the cultural landscape of New York City and creating new opportunities for historical discovery.

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The conference focused on the history of Prohibition, years after the ratification of the 18th Amendment, which banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in the United Adam max.

Prohibition began on January 20, For some women and men, this represented the culmination Adam max decades of struggle for temperance, a movement that promised to protect women and families from alcoholism. Many others challenged the new laws, particularly in New York City, where the patrons of speakeasies and ballrooms not only ignored prohibition, but transgressed boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality as well.

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