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TNT aims to develop Workshop sex modern sexuality that abolishes ego inflation, greediness, disrespect and manipulation. This reminds of the celibacy and abstinence practices that are central to many religious and spiritual paths, but without the guilt, obsession and shame that always come with sexual repression.

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Such practices go far beyond sexuality and stimulate Workshop sex development of creativity, flow, connection and purpose throughout life. Throughout the ages, humans have explored many paths to go beyond their limitations and to tap into a greater source of creativity, flow and purpose.

These paths include meditation, shamanic rituals, entheogens, extreme sports, pilgrimages and transformational festivals. Tantra is another example of such a path — its main ideas can be found throughout Eastern and Western culture and traditions. Tantra uses the power of desire in general, and sexual desire in particular, to fuel deep personal transformation and to cultivate creativity, flow and purpose throughout life. Tantra does not require supernatural beliefs or a life as an ascetic monk in a forest, but recognises all elements of the human experience as opportunities — also the controversial ones such as lust, grief, fear Workshop sex anger.

Therefore, tantra is especially suited for the modern world. TNT aims to provide a modern interpretation of tantra for the 21st century by creatively integrating traditional Eastern approaches with modern insights from Western philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis and science. TNT is innovative, integrative and open minded but also aims to stay clear of pseudoscience and New Age delusion. Life is much more than getting on with chores and routine, but tantra should not turn you into a pleasure-seeking bliss bunny either.

Ecstatic workshops make use of transcendent sexuality and modern Workshop sex of ritual. Both approaches are integrated and applied throughout daily life using practices based Workshop sex devotion and transmission.

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Please note that none of the Workshop sex require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind. Typically, you start with the Sexual Deconditioning — Level 1 workshop.

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Workshop sex Successfully completing Level 2 provides access to most other workshops. Ideally these workshops are taken together. During the last Workshop sex years, a collaborative team has transformed TNT into a dynamic experiment that is continually Workshop sex for excellence and relevance. The aim of these workshops is not healing or therapy, but to provide consenting, responsible adults with the extraordinary experiences that invite embodied transformation, mental expansion and community building.

All TNT workshops are accessible and applicable regardless of sexual orientation. TNT workshops attract a wide and diverse audience from all walks of life, both sexual and otherwise. If this makes you curious and you are up for a challenge in the hands of an experienced team, we look forward to meeting you in one of our workshops.

And before each new workshop read the latest Code of Conduct. We invite you to take a look if you desire some more in-depth information. Peterson on the Workshop sex of prayer, regardless of conventional religious belief.

A classic from Flow expert and bestseller author Steven Kotler on how non-ordinary states of consciousness promote creative problem solving, high-speed decision making, group flow and leadership. Domination Workshop, The Netherlands. Sexual Completion Level 3, Portugal. Developing a relaxed sexuality and moving on to a transcendent, ecstatic sexuality is at center stage in the TNT approach. There are three sexual levels.

Level 1 is the entry point workshop where you will learn the basics of how to practice tantric sex in The New Tantra style. This workshop gives you the opportunity to transcend old patterns and unconscious shame, and regain innocence. We invite you to express your longings and to respect your boundaries.

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Level 1 is a clothes on workshop and open for everyone. No previous experience needed. Successful completion of this workshop provides access to the Advanced sex Level 2 workshop.

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Brotherhood and its beneficial effects on relationships is the focus of this workshop. We will provide a space where you can learn to relax around other men, overcome destructive competitiveness and lack of male presence in order to become a confident and integrated man.

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