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Riding hard factory clip

Gay xXx Videos Riding hard factory clip.

I have two qualifications to write this article: I ride a motorcycle a lot, and I am married to an awesome chicky who rides with me. She loves all my nearly-Aspergian chopper friends, and always pops out to the garage with a snack and beer for us. She's damn easy on the eyes, too. In Riding hard factory clip, I married your dream wife. Good for me, right? Jessica also loves to ride. She has her motorbike license and has owned a few motorcycles of her own, but she really just prefers riding behind me on my bikes.

Involve your passenger in the...

She skips the awful commutes and is instead only on a bike going from fun place to fun place with friends to camp and see new, interesting destinations. I am happy to have her along, so I have learned how to make our trips easy and Riding hard factory clip for us her. These are not riding tips, per se, but rather strategies for anything longer than a short ride.

Here's mah favorite riding buddy.

Hell, I guess just my best buddy in general! No, not the mustachioed guy. Photo by Spurgeon Dunbar.

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Be mindful that your pillion will want to pack whatever she wants to pack. We usually split saddlebags — one for her and one for me — but mine usually holds the tent groundcloth and stakes, rain gear, and tools. I can usually fit a couple of T-shirts and a toothbrush in there, but I definitely get the short end of the packing stick. The tent and bedrolls usually get packed onto the tail or six-pack rack.

Or I write them on my glove big Riding hard factory clip that she can see them from the back seat.

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This does a few things. First, it keeps four eyes on the road signs, lessening our chance of missing a turn. It frees me up to do a better job watching the road, and it also makes Jess an active participant in our tour, rather than Riding hard factory clip passive victim of my road trips.

We saw a Flattie on this bar's sign, so naturally I had to stop. I'm glad she was the itinerary coordinator. The other way to involve your passenger is to put that pillion to work! Figuring out arrival times, camping locations, fun things to do, and good spots to eat are often details that can make or break a trip. Involving your pillion takes some of the pressure off the rider and makes the trip a shared responsibility.

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Taking photos is another way your passenger can contribute. For many, these are cherished photos, so I always have Jess behind the lens.

She can use both Riding hard factory clip to stabilize the camera or make adjustments to the settings, and we usually get some cool, backwards-facing shots that I would never ordinarily get on my own.

I never would have this shot of my friends if my baby momma wasn't hanging off the back of a sissy bar. One of the ways he hangs on to his cutie is by using accessories to keep his passenger happy. John employs a pretty tall sissy bar for Lauren to lean against. His bike also sports an aftermarket saddle with a wider-than-stock passenger section.

Photo by Lauren Correia. Riding hard factory clip, I told you the passenger should be snapping pics! Maybe, but this is a physical activity.

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