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Pornstar mason wyler jerking off in the garden

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Mason Wyler, the HIV-positive porn star, drafted a response. Condoms were not used during the shoot. I did it because my career had been at a standstill or dead for nearly nine months. I sent out emails, made phone calls, and tweeted to little or no avail.

There are many justifications as to why my time in the mainstream part of the industry is seemingly over.

Pornstar Mason Wyler jerking off...

I make headlines and gain attention for horrible things. I did it because I wanted to get fucked by Owen Hawk. Out of all the performers in all of gay porn, bareback and condom, Owen has always been and will always be my ideal top. I have spent the last few years getting to know Owen and in that time my desire to work with him has only grown stronger. His roster of attractive models his boyfriend and himself included buck the ugly trend that a lot of the other Pornstar mason wyler jerking off in the garden Bareback Pornstar mason wyler jerking off in the garden create and perpetuate.

But above all that, Owen Hawk is simply one hot man who on many levels, fully understands me. If everyone is turned off then why bother? A part of me would be afraid I could possibly spread infection to them which would hinder my performance.

As it stands right now, I feel more comfortable being in bareback with models who I know are positive. My video has reinvigorated online debate about the role gay porn serves in the gay community and the correlation between bareback porn and viewers participating in bareback sex. I truly enjoyed making the video with Owen and Brandon. I hope some of you take it for what it is entertainment and enjoy watching it. This post originally appeared on WylerNation.

Frankly, I think he looks better than many peformers out there today—especially the gay for pay trash. There are many different strains of HIV. Your attitude is that of an addict defending his addiction. The community is still hopelessly self destructive. And it looks like nothing will change for another thirty years. This is a porn actor who was jobless talking about why he is shooting a bareback scene.

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I absolutely love the sanctimonius bullshit from those holier-than-thou that post in the comments to stories like this. Whether he have a right to do it is one thing: But I like how you ignore the rest of the evidence, the mountains of facts, endless excuses, heartless contempt, venom, and self righteous bull—- used to distract attention from the real issues.

Mason Wyler has HIV? Wow, i am speechless. Kudos to him for disclosing but i dont feel sorry for him. And besides why should we care?

Judging from his quotes- he seems -Yes, introspective,articulate,self intuned, and realistic. Well, good for him. I guess, thats what an HIV diagnosis does to you. He clevely phrases it under the illusion of philosophical self-musings or self analysis-but its a load of crap.

I remember the first time i saw him-he was fresh,young,masculine,muscular,and a straigh up-farm boy looking.

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I was Somewhat disappointed of course, but i got over it. He appeared in countless porn, almost becoming the proverbial ubiquitous porn slut. What do you expect? Mason is in love with Owen Hawk!

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And sorry, no pity for Mason or Owen, both of them ran around having unprotected sex with many many partners. What good is a great scene with a disappointing money shot? Mason always came off as a little sad and a little desperate for attention. Now, he can add vain, pathetic and, like Drake said, uneducated to the list.

Everyone knows the facts. Condemning others for their informed decision making just because you disagree with it is bigoted and has no place in our community. My personal opinion has absolutely nothing to do with what Mason Wyler chooses to do.