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Kiss and lick feet and nail

Gay Sexy Video Kiss and lick feet and nail.

I started seeing a guy who has a fetish about feet. After the surprise it seems no different to liking butts or cocks. He likes to lick, suck and smell my feet.

I enjoy having my feet Kiss and lick feet and nail and fondled. One of the joys of mansex is the never ending buffet of sexual delights. Feet are one of those areas. Not to say I would not give in if a really good bud wanted it and were we fresh out of the shower. Butbi have always been selfconsious about people seeing them. Love having my smooth soles tickled n licked while I get rimmed n topped, turns me on so much, love the feeling.

I love a guys feet. Feet can be very attractive or ugly as mud! The concept of handsome feet is not foreign. But I feel the need to shower as soon after as possible when a guy has licked me. I would have to work my into erotic feelings for feet.

Cute boy bdsm

I first discovered the joy of a foot fetish when my then ex, one night in a bout of passion started licking my toes. The sensation was completely mind blowing.

Love to lick and kiss...

I was so turned on by his hot wet tongue sliding beteeen my toes, him taking all my toes into his mouth and caressing them with his tongue — made for one of the most memorable orgasms ever experienced. I have, since then, Kiss and lick feet and nail a love for feet clean and well taken care of, mind you and enjoy both giving and receiving oral pleasure on these sexy body parts that get usfrom point a to b. May have to try fucking with Kiss and lick feet and nail next…. Now when I lay back and open my legs.

Its a really big trun on. I had a partner with beautiful feet ,they were always in my mouth while I fucked him. It felt equally amazing. But what hap next was this warm sensation came over my whole body and my cock was now rock solid as I laid face down. My toes were in his mouth and he was working each toe with his tongue and massaging my heal at the same time. I was in heaven but weirded out at the same time.

He worked over my feet for a good 30 minutes. When I got up there was a huge puddle of cum underneath me as well as where he was kneeling.

He was also stroking his. The feeling was so intense, warm, sexual, relaxing and weird all at the same time.

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