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Brentc and chrish

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We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary and decided we would go to dinner at Nick and Nino's since we had never been there and both wanted to try it out.

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Little did I know he had something more planned that evening. We started with some drinks, had some appetizers, ordered the best steak I have ever had, but there was a sweet treat with dessert.

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The waiter brought out a plate of chocolate cake with "Will you Marry Me? I immediately started crying as Chris made his way around the table to get on one knee and ask me to spend forever with him.

A photographer captured the moment, the whole restaurant clapped, and I cried happy tears knowing this was the beginning of the rest of my life. Little did I know he had all of our families involved in one way or another and most of Brentc and chrish were waiting next door at the Brentc and chrish to celebrate.

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It was a night I will never forget and can't wait for forever. Allison Brent - Maid of Honor.

Alexandria Brent - Bridesmaid. Claire Fuchs - Bridesmaid. Stacy Webber - Bridesmaid.

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Tia Wiskus - Bridesmaid. Jillian Cappaert - Bridesmaid. Leighton Brent - Flower Girl.

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Zach Range - Groomsman. Alex Carter - Groomsman. Jonathan Brent - Groomsman.

Beau Brent - Ring Bearer. Looking for gift ideas? Need a place to stay during the wedding?

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She and Tavey and Chris and Summer had gone skating in Rome once, when they were seven or so, for Tavey's birthday. “You and Brent have been friends for.

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Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C.

Chris Brent

Mangus, Cynthia Trowbridge —Chris H. Hummel, MS, ATC Chris Hummel is a Clinical Associate Professor and Athletic Trainer at.