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The Tunnel of Love Positive comments for an unusual piece of work. I hadn't seen this film since it was first released, and had forgotten most of its content. I received a copy of it recently as a belated birthday gift I'm between 30 and death-closer to death!

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I feel that there is a touch of the "film noir" here. By the way, what's wrong with a "stagy" effort? It works for this ol' English and Dramatic Arts Teacher! I feel that this was a rather good piece of work for Doris at that time, and stands well after all Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel years.

That was one of the good things about Doris; give her a role and it became uniquely hers. I hope she will delight us all and involve herself in some new film work! Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. From this cast, you may expect something like that. But the saddest surprise is the role of the great Richard Widmark, August "Augie" Poole, a messed-up Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel capable to be silly, liar, sleazy, an authentic scumbag and dumping his wonderful filmography in the garbage.

My vote is three. In "The Tunnel of Love," she plays a sweet, vivacious woman who is desperate to have a baby and can't, so she and her husband, played by Richard Widmark, plan to adopt one.

When the adopted baby bears a strong resemblance to Widmark, he becomes sure that the child is the result of an evening he can't remember with the investigative social worker Gia Scala.

Based on a play, this kind of light, subtly sexual Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel became very popular on the dinner theater circuit in the '60s and '70s, joining the ranks of "Mary, Mary", "The Marriage Go Round," "Boeing Boeing," etc.

It is not particularly well directed by Gene Kelly and sports the very strange casting of Richard Widmark as Day's confused husband. I can't agree with the comments here. Though an actor known for playing tough roles and cruel men, he does a credible job here mainly because he knows enough not to play for laughs.

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He creates a full character, that of a caring if foolish man who adores his wife but screws up occasionally. Gig Young plays the philandering husband next door.

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He's fine, but the character is very unlikable. There's not really much to recommend here. I suppose at the time it was considered somewhat suggestive, but it doesn't play well today.

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I really liked this film as long as I didn't pay that much attention to the booze and tranquilizers. Sure, this isbut wasn't that Westport house fabulous!!! It seems that everyone was moving to Westport at the time. I just saw this movie last night by the way of TiVo. It was adult in nature and showed that Richard Widmark could do comedy. His performance is a real gem. It shows him as an overworked husband who with Doris as his wife are trying to have a baby.

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So they adopt, and everyone says that the kid looks a lot like Richard. At the end, Doris is pregnant, everyone is happy, which is a fitting ending to this war between marrieds and how two people can have problems not trusting the other partner.

Sure explains life today.

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It was written by Joseph Fields and repeating their roles from the original production are Elizabeth Fraser and Elizabeth Wilson. The play didn't survive the journey Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel Hollywood, mainly because of the horrible miscasting of Richard Widmark as the husband. He and wife Doris Day are trying to either have a child or adopt one whichever comes first.

After a night's indiscretion with social worker Gia Scala, Widmark thinks he's the father of her kid and when she hits him up for a loan, that seems to clinch the deal. Widmark was in a role that should either have gone to Dean Martin or Glenn Ford. In their screen roles I've seen aspects of Augie Poole's character that would have fit Dino or Glenn easily.

But in Widmark's hands it drops like a lead bassinet. Best in this film is Gig Young playing one of his male lead best friend types he started perfecting around this time.

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It seemed for a while like you couldn't make a domestic screen comedy that either he or Tony Randall weren't in playing the same kind of parts. He took over from Darren McGavin who did the part of the wolfish playboy neighbor on Broadway whose growing family doesn't slow him down in the hanky panky department a bit. My guess is that Widmark was trying to expand his range a bit. The best comedy effort in his career was on the I Love Lucy Show and there he was just a foil for the movie star struck Lucy Ricardo.

Doris was all right in her part, but she certainly did much better work with Rock Hudson who also would have been good casting as the male lead. Best thing about The Tunnel of Love.

Doris sang and recorded the title song that's sung over the opening credits. If the rest of the film had been as good as the song. Painful farce, adapted from Peter De Vries' novel which then became the kind of play dinner-theaters specialized in.

It features Richard Widmark in a humiliating 'comedic' role as a man whose wife Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel get pregnant, leading him into a drunken excursion with a sexy adoption agent, whom he later believes he has knocked up.

Widmark is not suited to this material, which should be played nimbly and without force. Director Gene Kelly, of all people, is likewise not suited to guide an intense actor like Widmark through the rigors of light comedy which can be more precarious than a gangster drama.

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Doris Day Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel the put-upon wife, and I felt for her. Even with a feeble script and dim handling, Day manages a ray of sunshine or two. De Vries was a successful writer of satire, on the staff of The New Yorker for some time, and wrote lots of satirical novels, including this one, first published insharply poking fun at sophisticated sexual and social mores.

The novel is set in Westport, Connecticut, where De Vries lived, and its depiction of sexual double standards, social life, euphemisms, booze, etc. A stage version was produced inand presumably to "water it down" a little for theater audiences, the ending was changed, which basically ruined the story.

So if you regard this movie out of the context of its novel and its time period, you might be confused or disappointed. A Tunnel to Stupidity Poseidon-3 16 January Viewers who saw this film in theaters when it opened must have needed Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel during the opening credits!

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While Day sings the corny title tune augmented by a funny echo effect at an appropriate time the camera closes in on her and Widmark's faces while driving. Day is bright enough already, but tan Widmark smiles and out comes a huge row of startling white teeth that smear the screen with light!

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Maybe it's just unusual to see this actor so happy as he's definitely out of his element here. The pair play a couple who are knee-deep in plans to adopt a baby, but don't find it so easy.

Eventually, through some dumb plot contrivances, Widmark thinks he has fathered a baby outside his marriage and it causes even more plot contrivances and mayhem. Widmark does the best he can in this new genre for him and Day is always interesting, but they're affected by this subpar material. Young is a breath of amusement as a carousing next door neighbor who already has a few kids and whose wife Fraser is continually pregnant. Amusing as he is, his attitudes are not particularly admirable.

Fraser clocks a lot of screen time but has little to work with and suffers from Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel pregnancy pillows. She does get to wear one show-stopping gown at a party. Lovely Scala appears as an adoption agent, but her role is mostly decorative and at times insulting to her.

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Tedium builds and several annoying and unreal situational comedy moments ensue with only a smattering of laughs nestled in. Fortunately, the underused and always welcome Wilson shows up as another adoption agent and puts a tad more life back into the picture.

One surprising thing about this movie is the level of language, subject matter and entendre present for its time. A lot of the early dialogue is pretty frank and suggestive forbut these sophisticated traits are undone by leering, unfunny gags and a lot of inane character choices. The whole thing aside from the credits is filmed inside on a stage and it shows.

Kelly does not display any mastery of the camera there's no one dancing in front of it to hold our attention this time, Genenor does the story hang together in terms of character development. One minute Widmark is lovingly devoted to Day, the next he's off with another woman.

Nothing in this film is ever fully proved or discussed, either. It's all a bunch of drawn conclusions. Only people who want to see Widmark in a comedy or see him smile which he doesn't really do again after the titles roll and devout fans of Day or Young will Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel to sit through this. HotToastyRag 6 February In the groundbreaking romantic drama, Doris Day and Richard Widmark can't have children, and not for lack of trying.

Gene Kelly directs this drama that touches on some untouched topics in In the good ol' days, there was a blackout after a wedding scene and the next shot opened on a bassinet. Now, in the last years of the Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel Code, Doris and Dick openly discuss ovulation cycles, how to track them, and what to do when it's the right time.

It was very scandalous at the time. When the gorgeous couple get fed up with waiting for nature to give them a child, they decide to adopt-but how will they cope when the equally gorgeous Gia Scala enters their lives?

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While the second Enjoying some admirable lad love tunnel of the movie gets a little silly, the first half is very fun to watch. Doris and Dick have great chemistry together, and it's always a treat to watch an old movie in which a married couple has realistic problems. It wasn't very often that classic movies mentioned adoption, surrogacy, and infertility, let alone made an entire movie about them. Plus, through a career playing bad guys and never getting the girl, it's nice that Richard Widmark is the hero of the story, and he starts out already having the girl!

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