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Woodchuck Tree Service is a family owned company and it has supported the greater Rockford area more over thirty years. It was first founded as a hobby, but we began offering tree services due to the love for trade. We always ensure that the trees are safe and healthy. We understand that as the owner, you spend plenty of money just to ensure that 2c a chip off the chimney and a plow property could be taken care off.

If you can consider Woodchuck Tree Service, we can maintain your trees, lawn and your property in general and make it appealing. We presently have insured specialists who are already educated and trained to get rid of your tree and we can deal with homes and commercial sites.

There are times when we will not be able to save the trees so removal will be the only option left. We will use claw truck, claw trailer, wood chipper, skid-steer and others to ensure that the job would be done correctly.

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Crane is the safest method to help eliminate the large trees, particularly the ones where the structures would be damaged if you removed them. We can manage this kind of job and we can guarantee that even the hardest to get rid of trees could be eliminated. The tree can be removed in multiple sections. Each section of the tree is tied to the crane with a rope and then the operator will then lift the section of the tree and set it aside.

The crane will set section of the tree down and it will be repeated until the tree is removed. Bad weather could cause a lot of headaches.

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If you are referring to a high rate of wind, the soil being too saturated or the ice or snow is already weighing down on the limbs causing them to get rid of, we can deal with these difficulties. When the trees, limbs or branches actually fall on your property, we have our experts who can lessen the ruin and protect your home. We are going to be ready to help you for your tree emergency needs.

We also partnered with tons of restoration and insurance businesses to help you if this situation happens. A stump grinder is truly a machine with sharp teeth like blades, which is referred to as carbide tips. The blades could be grinding the stump out and roots and make wood chips.

The stump 2c a chip off the chimney and a plow be grounded up to 4 to 6 inches below the surface since it should be taken out to a particular depth for it to grow effectively. If a customer wants to plant a new tree where the stump was removed, it should be ground out a minimum of 24 inches deep.

Our most-used grinder is actually the tow behind stump grinder that may be used for average size stumps that are located in common areas. We have specialists on standby to clear the snow for you in your home or at the area of your company. The services that we provide could include residential and commercial snow plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, residential and commercial salt spreading and snow removal.